Know Your Extinguishers

In the event of a fire, using the correct extinguisher to put it out is as important as discovering the fire itself. All modern fire extinguishers are clearly marked as to the type of fire they should be used on, so you can tackle small fires safely and easily.

Different Fires Require Different Fire Extinguishers

It sounds obvious, but different types (or classes) of fire require different extinguishers. For example, a water-based extinguisher is ideal for use on free-burning materials such as paper or wood, known as a Class 1 fire. For full details, see our in-depth guide to fire extinguisher types

UK Fire Extinguisher Markings and Colours

All fire extinguishers are colour coded for easy recognition in an emergency. They also have ratings as to which class of fire they can be effective in extinguishing, so you can double-check that you have the right fire extinguisher for the job.

In addition all fire extinguishers should bear quality standard marks, such as the familiar BS Kite Mark and CE Mark. For full details on classes of fires and extinguisher ratings, see the detailed guide to fire extinguisher fire ratings and multi-rating fire extinguishers

A Fire Extinguisher in the Hand

A fire extinguisher is only truly effective when you, the person picking it up in an emergency knows the best way to use it! Our handy guide to how to use a fire extinguisher takes you through simple steps for efficient fire extinguisher use.

Fire Extinguisher In-depth Guides

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