Summer Fire Home Safety

Fire home safety is something that should be thought about all year round. However, when it comes to summer time people can often get a little negligent with their safety. Longer nights, warmer days and a relaxed and fun atmosphere can all lead to various accidents occurring and one of those is the risk of a fire.

Why the Summer Months Pose a Bigger Threat

When summer comes you are likely to want to enjoy every moment of sun that you are given. This means that BBQ’s and picnics out there in garden are often enjoyed all throughout summer.

Now a BBQ can be fun; especially if you invite plenty of people! But there is also a risk that a fire could break out; especially if alcohol is involved. So you need to ensure that you follow the right summer fire home safety guidelines.

  • Some Fire home safety guidelines that you should follow include:
  • Ensure that the BBQ is away from fences and sheds
  • Keep all pets and children away from the BBQ
  • Once all of the food has been cooked, turn off the gas cylinder before the BBQ controls
  • Make sure any guests to the picnic/BBQ do not throw cigarettes on the lawn
  • Be sure to get rid of any glass and bottles in your garden

If you follow these guidelines then you will ensure that you and your guests are as safe as possible.

You may not think that your BBQ could be a potential fire risk, but if not done properly, accidents do happen. By leaving bottles and glass on the lawn for example, the sunlight can cause the lawn to set on fire through the glass.

Also if guests are drinking and they then throw a cigarette onto the garden, which can also start a fire as the lawn will be dry due to the hot summer weather. So it is always better to follow these safety rules in order to have the best possible time at your picnic/BBQ.

Children and Fire Safety

If you have children, or if you are having children around the home throughout summer, you will need to keep a close eye on them. Many times a fire can be started simply because a child has been left unsupervised.

Also, when you are having a BBQ, children can often get too close to the BBQ and it could easily be knocked over. So always keep your children away from the BBQ and never leave them unsupervised in the home either.

It is possible that whilst you are outside, a fire could be started in the home. Perhaps you have left something cooking and due to the heat and perhaps the distraction from friends and family, you have forgotten about it. This can start a fire and you may be blissfully unaware of it until it is too late.

So you really need to ensure that you keep an eye on everything that you are cooking. Also never leave children unattended in the home whilst all of the adults are outside as this is only asking for problems. You can purchase various fire safety home improvements such as smoke detectors which really do prove to be vital if there is ever a fire.

Overall by following simple fire home safety guidelines you can easily enjoy the summer months with friends and family.

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